About MEDC

The Missouri Economic Development Council (MEDC) is the authoritative voice on economic development and related issues in Missouri. A statewide, nonprofit association of economic development professionals and community leaders, MEDC has been the unified voice of Missouri economic developers since 1979.

MEDC drives economic growth through program initiatives and alliances with other economic development entities. This collaboration gives MEDC members access to industry-leading professional development, public policy, legislation and marketing communications programs. Whether working independently or in cooperation with partners, MEDC, its members and professional staff are effective, efficient and reliable.

Priorities of the Program of Work include:

  • Professional Development – expand educational and career opportunities for MEDC members through a multi-faceted professional development program
  • Public Policy – actively participate by serving as a trusted resource on issues related to community and economic development
  • Communications – conduct internal and external communications via all media channels to inform members, elected and appointed officials and the public of MEDC’s resources, actions and opportunities
  • Marketing – create avenues for MEDC members to leverage marketing resources, receive guidance and recognition for marketing efforts while coordinating with strategic partners to support the attraction and expansion of jobs and investment in Missouri
  • Volunteer Education Development – provide economic development education, training and information to elected officials, volunteers and the public