Past Legislative Sessions

MEDC leaders, committees and members consistently advocate for new strategies that improve Missouri’s business climate. Below is a brief list of the many successes and on-going efforts by MEDC:

  • Successfully advocated for the re-authorization of the Missouri Works Training and the Missouri Works programs — Missouri’s most effective economic development incentive program.
  • Actively engaged in statewide efforts to resolve the transportation infrastructure crisis in Missouri.
  • Participated in the Governor’s “Best in Midwest” initiative, a comprehensive effort to develop a new statewide economic development strategy.
  • Successfully increased training funds for the Missouri Works Training Program through the Missouri Legislature budgeting process and supported administrative changes that allowed for needed improvements to the program,
  • ACT Work Keys is now formally recognized by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education as an assessment that school districts can use to assess workforce readiness and receive the appropriate accreditation credit,
  • Advocated for the passage of the Innovation Campus Tax Credit program,
  • Promoted the on-going support for the Missouri Partnership, which is Missouri’s premier business attraction and marketing entity,
  • Served as one of many partners who aided and supported the Missouri Department of Economic Development in repackaging, improving and streamlining all of Missouri’s incentive programs into one branded concept ‘Missouri Works.’